What Every Diamond Trader Needs to Know

Even though they are luxurious and beautiful, diamonds are extremely expensive and rare items that are sought after around the world. The diamond industry is extremely lucrative and involves several professionals, diamond retailers, diamond dealers, diamond manufacturers, diamond jewelry designers, and diamond manufacturers. Despite these different professions, the diamond trader remains the backbone of the diamond industry.

Diamond Trading is the Backbone of the Diamond Industry

The diamond trade demands knowledge, expertise, and experience. Despite the fact that diamond trading is an International business, the majority of the diamond trade occurs in only a few places. 90% of all diamond trading takes place in Surat, India. Surat serves as the center of diamond manufacturing and trading. Some of the other well-known diamond trading locations are Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, New York City, Antwerp, and London. The largest company in the diamond market is the De Beers company, which has offices in both Johannesburg and London.

What Every Diamond Trader Needs to Know

Diamond trading attracts a lot of interest. However, it is an extremely challenging industry. If you are thinking of entering the diamond trading industry, then there are some important facts which you should understand. Firstly, what is it that a diamond trader does? Diamond traders occupy a central position in the diamond industry. They travel to the area where the diamonds are produced and purchases them to sell around the world. The diamond buyers are supported financially by larger diamond traders. To help them avoid being robbed, or swindled, diamond traders first must obtain a legal license to trade diamonds. By being part of a diamond trading business, they make the entire operation safer for all involved.

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