Conflict Free Diamonds Info&Policy

Wilf Diamonds along with the rest of the legitimate diamond industry has a very strict zero-tolerance attitude towards conflict diamonds. They, along with other legitimate diamond businesses, utilize security measure utilize the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process works by tracking diamonds from their source at the mine, all the way through to market. Legitimate diamond industries work with the United Nations, governments, organizations and law enforcement to help prevent the illegal trade in diamonds.

At Wilf Diamonds, we only buy and sell diamonds from well-known and respected suppliers. We believe in enforcing the Kimberley Process and only work with suppliers that have the same beliefs. All the diamonds at Wilf Diamonds are warranted to be conflict free. If any of the diamond suppliers which we work with were ever to be found guilty of breaching the Kimberley Process, we would stop working with them immediately. We strive to continually promote and encourage the growth of the legitimate diamond industry.

Diamonds are found around the world, including mines in Africa, Russia, Australia and Canada. In many African nations, diamonds are a major source of income, providing health care, and employment to thousands of citizens. If you would like to find out more about the illegal trade in diamonds, then please check out this link.

What is the Kimberley Process?

Wilf Diamonds, along with other legitimate diamond suppliers, supports the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is an International system that tracks and certifies legitimate diamonds. President Bush and the U.S Congress passed a law in 2003 adopting and supporting the Kimberley Process. They require all U.S diamonds retailers to only purchase diamonds from wholesalers who have supporting documentation warranting that their diamonds are legitimate, and purchased through legitimate channels. The United States Customs Services works to ensure that all diamonds entering the U.S are Kimberley Process warranted.

Zimbabwe Diamonds

Certain areas in Zimbabwe’s Marange district have had problems with human rights abuses. Because of this, Wilf Diamonds will no longer source any diamonds from this district. As responsible and strict ethical diamonds buyers, Wilf Diamonds works extremely hard to ensure that all the diamonds we purchase are only sourced from responsible suppliers.

The Wilf Diamonds Position on Responsible Mining

Not only does Wilf Diamonds support the ethical and responsible trade in diamonds, we expect all our business partners to support the same standards.

This doesn’t just include diamonds. We also support the same high standards in regards to the gold we source. We believe that responsible mining extends to all minerals and countries.

As a signatory of The Golden Rules, and as a first step, we will:

·         Work hard to ensure that all the metals and gold which we source from suppliers meet the highest social, environmental, and human rights standards.

·         Work with suppliers to influence the sourcing of all gold products.

·         Research and understand the process of mining, manufacturing, and refinement of all gold that we source, from one end of the supply chain through to sale.

·         Give preferential treatment and support to suppliers who source from mines which practice high standards of environmental awareness.

·         Commit to increased gold sourcing from secondary and recycled sources.

·         Establish benchmarks and track progress towards continuous improvement.

At Wilf Diamonds, we believe our responsible gold and diamond management practices are continually evolving. We will strive to review and expand our position to have a positive impact around the world.